Does avoiding sugar make you younger?

my experience with sugar

Before I get started on my anecdotal, let me give a brief disclaimer: I’m not a doctor nor an expert in sugar. I asked this question “Does avoiding sugar make you younger?” because I’ve been experimenting with alternative diets and want to explore the possibility that sugar may be worse for your health than many people think.

All my life I’ve been told to eat carbohydrates. I grew up on sugary cereals, white bread and white rice with a bit of butter and soya sauce. Or was it soy sauce? No matter. It was mostly sugar and carbs and now that I’m in my middle ages wondering why I look like an old man it’s supposedly clear that all the carbs and sugar I ate over the years impacted my health. Because I never smoked, I never did any weird drugs, but I ate mostly carbs my whole life…

But not for the past two weeks. I feel transformed. I feel like a new man, and all because I saved a little money at the grocery store. Instead of buying popcorn, noodles, and bananas like I had been doing for years (I forgot to mention the pure white bread) I bought broccoli, sausages, and cabbage. It wasn’t a big change. It even saved me money. But after a few days I began to feel ill. I Googled it and discovered the ketogenetic diet. It’s a beautiful thing.

I don’t know if I’ll ever eat a single carb again. I deleted Skip. I deleted Doordash. I cancelled Walmart. Now all I do is shop at my local organic market and eat fat. I eat lots of fat and dream of eating fat. Screw carbs. Yes, I will say, avoiding sugar does make you look younger because my neck shivers as I tell you the truth. Carbs are inflammatory but fat is life.

Don’t take my word for it. I already gave you my disclaimer at the beginning. I’m not an expert, just a writer on a high dose of ketogenesis who hasn’t consumed sugar for two weeks. I might relapse though…