Sucking at life…

how to stop sucking at life

Is there such a thing as sucking at life? I think for each individual our standards are different. For me, it’s impossible to suck at life because I’m not bothered with trying to impress anyone. I just do what I enjoy and leave life simple. Other I know try so hard to be some kind of “success” and get mad at themselves if they don’t do what they planned. Most of the time it’s their own fault that they don’t get the girl or the job they planned, and so they say “I suck at life.”

But what if their goal had simply been to pay rent and smile at least once per day. In those terms, they would be very good at life. So i guess the moral of this story is to stop beating yourself up for sucking at something that is only subjective. Why not make life simple? Because you rock at life!