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My Springtide Emotions

emotions in spring

Spring is here, officially. I know it’s spring not because the news or the calendars tell me it is but because of the feelings I have inside. It feels like a mixture of sadness and joy, a feeling I only get in springtide, or when spring is rolling over the land like a tidal wave, changing the color and attitudes of everything. It even changes the smells. It changes the way I feel on every level, and I don’t even need to step outside. It’s like some instinctual force of nature pulling me, saying, “Winter is over, boy!”

It pulls on my toes and drags me to the beach.

It tugs on my hair and lifts me to the top of mountains.

It warms my heart and finds me wishing from the windowsill.

It’s the feeling of spring in my heart and soul, a vibration in my chest!

For this emotion I feel this time of year it’s safest to call it nothing else but springtide, that feeling I can’t get elsewhere, thrusting me away from the cold cities and into the hot jungles, to places I love to visit. In my mind and in reality, everything is changing around me.

I love it! It makes me want to blog again. So thanks for tuning in!