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My Spring road trip through Ontario


I did it! I warned you. If you read the post I wrote near the beginning of Spring 2022, then you’ll know my emotions this time of year typically find me “wishing from the windowsill.” But, I grew sick of staring out the window and hoping. So, I did it! I took some action. Now let me tell you what I did – my road trip through Ontario.

It was April 15th when I found my hands on the steering wheel and had this crazy thought: “I know you just want to get some healthy groceries like you planned, but not cook any of it and heat up a pizza by the TV, but why can’t you just get on the road now? You got some cash, you got your car, so get on the road! And tonight you can enjoy a pizza by the TV in some grungy motel.”

And like a car mechanic I sneered, lit a cigarette with my greasy fingers and put my engine to the test. The road tested me indeed, for as soon as I had my old tires spinning on the highway I began to doubt my spontaneous adventure. I was at a gas station when my tank went dry. Sipping coffee, I convinced myself that this pathetic little drive out in the country had been fun enough and now I could get some groceries on the way home…. Screw that!

I lit another cigarette, turned up the music and ZOOM! – I’ll literally need Zoom to talk to home now because I’m not coming back… My car was blasting on the highway, en route to the City of Hamilton, ON. So excited to get there, I went on Yahoo to look up fun tourist attractions; the day was still young and sunny with the Spring flowers blooming, I thought I had all the time in the world to explore Hamilton and visit my friend there like a true tourist. I thought she’d be so surprised to see me that we’d go out to party and celebrate or something.

Things were looking good as the flowers passed one by one and I got one wheel’s turn closer to my city of attraction. That night I stayed at a motel and enjoyed the pizza like I promised. Then, next morning, I was back out there on the road with my car zooming, tires burning rubber and Hamilton on my mind.

I drove for several days, calling in sick for work, listening to the same radio station, pumping my gas tank full of fuel and my head full of coffee. I was having so much fun on the road I felt like my whole family was with me. I imagined myself telling all my friends how I had had this crazy idea to drive across Hamilton when I was supposed to get groceries. Oh, how proud of me they would be.

Or so I thought…

I was several kilometers away from reaching my destination when my car engine started smoking and I had to pull over. When I tried to start it again, it made some horrible noises and I was scared to keep going. Many thoughts raced through my head at this point. I thought that I might be too embarrassed to share my story now, if my car broke down and I had to bus home. But not if I handled the problem promptly! Then I could be proud. Hopeful, I pulled out my phone and searched for auto body shop Hamilton. I was quickly serviced by a local company and although the sun was going down by the time I was driving my car again, at least I didn’t let this problem put a halt to my adventure. I would get my car serviced a hundred times if I had to.

That night, I met up with my friend and she joined me on the rest of my little trip, showing me the new restaurants that had sprouted throughout the city since I had visited last. For two days we enjoyed the city, and then I had to continue my days on the road to reach home. The way home was even more fun, although I missed my friend. Instead of staying in motels, I did some lonely camping and enjoyed a few long walks through the woods. It was my first time camping alone and I can’t wait to do it again.

Over all it was a satisfying road trip, but I think I can do better. Next time, perhaps this Summer, I will bring friends with me and plan ahead. Before I leave you here, I want to ask you something: How are you enjoying your Spring?